Artist Profile: Pauline Kim Harris


Next week at Hot Shot Muffler will be the Heroine the Album Release show with a performance by Pauline Kim Harris. We had a chance to chat with Tavia on her journey. Get tickets to the show on Eventbrite!


01. Tell us all about Heroine. What excites you the most about it?

Little did I know that what I recorded two days before Christmas of 2014 was what would become the source of my debut solo album, SHä'kôn. In the process of making this album, it feels as if a lifetime has passed. Much has happened, not to mention how destabilized the world we live in has become --- chaos, distrust and brokenness. We have lost many loved ones. Not all related to the state of the world, but due to other very real and personal battles such as depression, addiction and mental illness. Yet, so many continue to hang on in a constant state of pain. 

I began to think about what it must feel like: the unimaginable task of caring for loved ones going through and living in this state. There are people --- angels --- though, that make the sacrifice of dedicating their lives to caring for them, keeping our loved ones around if even for one more day.


02. Has music always been your medium of self expression?

Music has always been a way to bring people together i.e. family at holiday gatherings, friends at concerts, sing alongs at campfires, talent shows at school events, etc. It started to become a medium for self expression early on though when I began performing in public as a concert violinist, And, now as a composer.


03. Who are some musicians you aspire to? Any specific genres?

I aspire to musicians that perform and create music as an art form. Feel like connecting super early music to the avant-garde, experimental, ambient genres occupy my current sound space.

04. What is your favorite part about Los Angeles? Any specific spots you love going to or hanging out in?

Born in Hollywood, actually… it’s fun to come back for visits and to play in old neighborhoods that have transformed into cool pockets of community — Echo Park, Highland Park, Silver Lake.. downtown LA!